What is Studio Stable Database?

Studio Stable Database (SSD) for Xojo and Real Studio fulfills the promise of creating database applications that scale from a single user to a small group to a large number of users. SSD is the right starting point for your database application. Explore our site to find out why!

Latest Version, System Requirements

The latest version of SSD is 2013.3, released 05-Jun-2013.

We require Xojo 2013r1 or Real Studio 2012r2.1 or later. For client development, we recommend the latest Monkeybread Software (MBS) plugins (specifically, Main and Util). For server development, we additionally recommend the Studio Stable Graphics plugin. However, neither the MBS or SSG plugins are required.

Where do we get it?

You can download our free package, which includes the Client Library with full source and a few pre-built servers, from our Download page. Most desktop application developers, will do just fine with this. Web application developers should look to Studio Stable Web Essentials for their database needs.

You can purchase the SSD Server Club with Source from our Buy Now! page. It gives you full source code to the servers, which you can customize, brand, or integrate into your own applications.

The Client Library

SSD’s client library is written entirely in REALbasic and makes minimal use of the REALSQLDatabase plugin. It also includes full source code that you can paste into your projects. No more wondering what your database plugin is doing behind the scenes. Just set a breakpoint and see for yourself!

The client library includes our Files API for storing multi-media files parallel to the database file in the native file system. It works the same with local file-based databases and server-based databases.

The Server

We designed our SSD Server as a GUI application to be simple and reliable, easy to deploy, and useful for application debugging. SSD Server is designed to work with the client library exactly like a local database file, practically eliminating any issues transitioning your application from single-user to multi-user.

What’s Free

Our latest release contains:

  • Client library.
  • SSD Server Pro, a GUI server with connection monitoring.
  • SSD Server Pro-S, a simpler GUI server.
  • SSD Server CL, a command line server.

The client library and servers work on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. You can use these servers for debugging and deployments, royalty free!

What to Buy

We offer full source code to all of our SSD Servers through the “SSD Server Club with Source”. You can modify the servers, add your branding, or even incorporate the server code into your own app.

SSD Server Club with Source is just $69.95, including “eternal” updates. As long as we’re shipping it, the code is available for members. You can purchase it from our Buy Now! page.

Also, head over to MonkeyBread Software and get their MBS SQLite Extension, which is compatible with our Server Club servers.

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